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Who is involved in Ucommerce projects?

Working with Ucommerce is a developer job. As Ucommerce are not a shop-in-a-box solution, there's typically a digital web agency involved in a Ucommerce project. This article briefly explains a typical setup between Ucommerce, the CMS, an agency and a client/customer that are looking for a digital presence online.


Ucommerce provides the commerce building blocks and their default configuration. This saves valuable development time for the client, as it is more about configuration, than developing from scratch. Out-of-the-box there is no frontend store, its custom implemented by the Partner. Ucommerce does provide an Accelerator frontend store, that serves as a sample and a quick start for the Partner.


The CMS provides powerful content creation features and acts as the shell of the system. Ucommerce platform is currently integrated into Umbraco, Sitecore, and Sitefinity.


The Partner implements a frontend store that is uniquely tailored to suit the Client's needs, using the CMS content feature and the Ucommerce APIs. Moreover the partner molds the default configuration of the Ucommerce building blocks, to fit the needs of the client. Every commerce project is different and each client has a unique business model. Ucommerce can be changed to fit the clients business model, not the other way around. Thanks to Ucommerce, the partner saves time, has a higher level of quality and can focus on the client's complicated commerce features.


The client / customer of Ucommerce is the business that are looking to get an online presence and a webshop. They are typically engaged with a digital web agency that have chosen Ucommerce as the tool for delivering the commerce experience. They will manage the webshop on a daily basis and receives the setup from their partner, who'll tailor the entire experience using the CMS and Ucommerce.