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Migrating Catalog Context

Catalog Context contains the catalog items your visitors are currently browsing.


To grab the new CatalogContext use the following:

    Ucommerce.Api.ICatalogContext catalogContext = Ucommerce.Infrastructure.ObjectFactory.Instance.Resolve<Ucommerce.Api.ICatalogContext>();

The CatalogContext has been mapped one-to-one with the old. The only difference is that it will return dedicated models rather than entities.


        UCommerce.EntitiesV2.Product product = UCommerce.Runtime.SiteContext.Current.CatalogContext.CurrentProduct


    Ucommerce.Search.Models.Product product = catalogContext.CurrentProduct;

The only noticeable change is the return type which is now the new Search model exposed from the search index rather than an NHibernate entity loaded from SQL.

Please give the catalog context article a read in case you're interested in learning more about Catalog library.