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Upgrading Both Ucommerce and CMS

Upgrading the CMS

If you are looking to upgrade both Ucommerce and the CMS from one major version to another, then this article is for you. Before upgrading the CMS version, please identify the steps you require to take from one of the links below:

Umbraco upgrading from 7 to 8

Please note that the Ucommerce for Umbraco has two different packages for 7 and 8. These packages are not cross compatible. That means that, if you are looking for upgrading Umbraco from version 7 to 8, you will need to port your solution. Below are the steps for porting Ucommerce from Umbraco 7 to 8 :

  • Clean installation for Umbraco 8 with no additional data.
  • Install clean Ucommerce 8.
  • Move configuration files and templates.
  • Manually upgrade the old Ucommerce database. Here are the steps:
    • Identify the old Ucommerce schema version. You do that by looking at the uCommerce_SystemVersion table.
    • Go to the new website, under Ucommerce/install folder you will find all the database scripts.
    • Apply the ones that are missing to the old Ucommerce database.
  • Change the configuration of the website to point to the old Ucommerce database.

CMS-Ucommerce compatibility:

Please note that not all versions of Ucommerce are compatible with any CMS version. To that effect, we have a compatibility spreadsheet that, although incomplete, is as close to the truth as possible.

Not all possibilities were tested. If you find any discrepancies or are worried of a specific compatibility, please contact support.

Compatibility spreadsheet:

Here you can find the google spreadsheet.