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Ucommerce Totals Overview


This section defines terms that will be used in the article.

Effective discount means that the discount amount can’t exceed the amount that has to be paid, e.g. a shipment's discount can’t exceed the shipment's price.

Order level discounts are discounts that affects the order and doesn’t have an association to either orderlines or shipments e.g. an “Amount off order total” discount.

Orderline level discounts are discounts that affect the orderline and have associations to both an order and an orderline. e.g. “Amount off unit price” discount.

Overflowing order level discount is defined as the amount of order level discount that exceeds the sub total of the order. The remaining discount amount will be added to shipments and payments in that order.

Totals Overview


Name Type Description
AmountOffTotal decimal The amount to be discounted


Name Type Description
Discount decimal The total effective discount awarded for the orderline
Price decimal The unit price excluding taxes, and discounts
Total decimal? The orderline’s total includes taxes, and discounts
UnitDiscount decimal? The effective discount per unit
VAT decimal The tax per unit


Name Type Description
Amount decimal The total amount the customer has to pay including fees and taxes
Fee decimal Fixed fee for using this payment type
FeePercentage decimal Percentage fee in addition to the fee
FeeTotal decimal? The fee total includes Fee and the amount calculated based on FeePercentage
GrossAmount decimal? The amount the customer has to pay excluding fees and taxes
Tax decimal? The tax of the payment's FeeTotal
TaxRate decimal? The tax rate used to calculate the Tax


Name Type Description
Discount decimal? The discount of all order level discounts awarded from the order
DiscountTotal decimal? The discount total of discounts awarded from the order, orderlines and shipments
OrderTotal decimal? The total of the order including taxes, discounts, shipments, payment fees and payment taxes
PaymentTotal decimal? The total of fees for the payments on the order including taxes
ShippingTotal decimal? The total of the order’s shipments’ totals, including taxes and discounts
SubTotal decimal? The total price of all orderlines combined, excluding taxes, including orderline level discounts, and order level discounts
TaxTotal decimal? The total amount of tax from the order, including shipments’ taxes, orderlines’ taxes and payments' taxes
VAT decimal? The total amount of tax from the orderlines


Name Type Description
ShipmentDiscount decimal? The effective discount of all discounts affecting the shipment, includes overflowing order level discount
ShipmentPrice decimal The amount the shipment costs
ShipmentTotal decimal The shipment total includes taxes, and discounts