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UI Extensibility in V9

With the release of V9 we're moving towards a new tech stack built in Vue.JS and Web API as opposed to the old running webforms. Not only are we facing out legacy, we are moving away from a technology that will be completely gone with the move to .NET core. Since extensibility is not a thing in the new tech stack yet, and no roadmap indications on when it will arrive, moving extensions made to the OLD ui into the new is not possible.

What does that mean from an upgrade point of view?

Porting extensions from Webforms to Vue.JS

It is not possible to port extensions from webforms to Vue.JS as it looks like right now. You are left with enabling the old UI pieces. But have in mind that they will be removed in an upcoming version. This essentially means that you would either have to find another work around or be stuck on the version of Ucommerce that still has the old UI pieces in the platform.

I am considering an extension to the old UI is that a good idea?

While it is possible to do so as long as the webforms pages are still in the platform, the short answer would still be no. But based on the paragraph above you can go down that route, but since it is discontinued you are left with a version you are unable to upgrade from. Consider if you can find an alternative to your clients wishes.

When will this feature become available?

We do not know. But we strongly encourage to let us know by writing to [email protected] to let us know this is an important thing for you.