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Why we built Ucommerce

Our goal is to turn Ucommerce into the market’s leading .NET based commerce platform focused on bringing content and commerce together. Through seamless integration with the world's leading content management systems, Ucommerce provides a commerce-first platform, that leverages all the capabilities of your favourite CMS.

CMS platforms often have a light commerce feature, and commerce platforms have a light CMS feature, leaving much more to be desired on both sides. More than often this results in having two systems, with different usability, user experiences and interactions.

It quickly becomes a mess and it results in a split of the organization of the client into distinct teams: one that does the content management and one that handles commerce…

Our Content + Commerce principle

So why not get the best of both worlds?! Why not have a single system, preferably an already familiar one and add commerce capabilities to it. This way, you won’t have to adapt your organisation to fit your business needs for commerce.

When we talk about the concept of “Content and Commerce Connected” it represents so much more than just integrating the commerce platform with the CMS. In the end, it is all about breaking down silos in terms of both technology and organization with the result of creating a more seamless and personalized customer experience. It is about filling the gap and breaking down the purpose of "content being here" and "commerce being there".

This is why Ucommerce was developed.