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Payment Provider Integrations

All payment provider integrations that are part of Ucommerce out of the box have now been published to be open-source! The repository can be found here.

Not only does this allow those who use Ucommerce to see the source code for these integrations, but also to create pull requests and contribute to the maintenance of the integrations!

The code can also be used as inspiration to create new integrations with other, currently not supported, payment providers. It is no longer strictly necessary to wait for the next Ucommerce release to apply a bug fix or accomodate for a breaking change, the open-source repository can be used to modify the integration and deploy them into your website using the tools provided.

Furthermore, starting from v7.19 of Ucommerce, the payment providers are now deployed as Ucommerce Apps, which makes it possible to disable those that are not needed (by appending the '.disabled' extension to the app folder) and easily override them with custom implementations.