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Within Ucommerce there is very little interference with personal data and is only related to orders and customers. Out of the box Ucommerce does not provide any tools for gathering and/or removing data.

Where is the personal data stored

All Ucommerce data is stored in an SQL server in its own data store. The following tables include or are relevant to personal data:

  • uCommerce_PurchaseOrder
    • Does not per se store any personal data, but links to data concerning the customer
  • uCommerce_Customer
    • Keeps a copy of the customer related to any order in the present and the future. This includes the email address, first name, last name and phone numbers. This table also links member identifiers for membership data within the CMS. This is not data handled by Ucommerce.
  • uCommerce_OrderAddress
    • Contains personal data for various shipping addresses related to one or more orders.
    • Contains personal data for the billing details for a specific order
  • uCommerce_Shipment
    • Does not per se store any personal data but gathers information for shipment of specific order items to a specific order address.
  • uCommerce_ProductReview
  • uCommerce_ProductReviewComment
    • ProductReviews contains a link to the customer data, not the customer data itself.