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Migrate From Custom.config To The Apps Folder.

In version 6.7.0 of Ucommerce we're introducing a new folder named "Apps", along with the ability to include folders of configuration files. This will make configuration in Ucommerce a lot easier.

All files with the '.config' extension placed in the "Apps" folder will automatically be picked up and used by Ucommerce. This includes folders created under the Apps folder as well. Ucommerce will simply scan the entire content and include it automatically.

The Apps folder is available under:

  • '/umbraco/ucommerce/Apps' for Umbraco
  • '/sitecore modules/shell/ucommerce/Apps' for Sitecore

You can read more about the details of the new feature in Register a Component

Pipelines are improved as well, so you can now override pipeline behavior without changing the actual pipeline file. Details available in the Create Pipeline Task article.

Migrate Configuration from Custom.config to Apps Folder

We recommend that you follow the new approach, which means that you have to move your configuration away from custom.config where you are used to register custom components.

Custom.config will stay there for the time being, but consider it obsolete. In a later version of Ucommerce it will disappear.

To migrate your configuration to the new system you must:

  • Create a new subfolder in the Apps folder for your custom configuration. The folder name can be anything you like.
  • The content of your existing custom.config should be moved to a new file with the extension ".config" leaving the custom.config empty. Once again the file name of your config file can be whatever you like.

Ucommerce will keep including custom.config so it is important that you don't delete the file, and it is kept empty of registrations.

Once you have done that you should end up with:

  • A new custom folder under 'Apps'
  • A new '.config' file under your custom folder
  • The content from 'custom.config' in your new '.config file'
  • An empty 'custom.config'

Migrate a Pipeline

If your custom registrations includes modifying a pipeline, we recommend that you follow the new approach of 'partial components' which lets you include tasks in the pipeline without re-registering the entire pipeline or modifying the original pipeline file.

The documentation on how to register them as partial components can be found in Creating a Custom Pipeline Task