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Campaign Items

The campaign item ties together our “Advertise”, “Act”, and “Award” sections and is the unit, which can be thought of as a “Discount”. However, the campaign item does more than just set up a discount, it serves as the content for the advertisement as well.


A campaign item is assigned a “definition” when it’s created. The definition determines the content that the marketer can add to the advertisement. So this is basically where you’d add all the rich content we discussed in the beginning of the article.


The basic concept of the definition is the same for campaign items as for products although obviously a campaign item definition does not deal with variants.

Because the campaign items are configured using definitions you can add your own properties and multilingual properties effectively giving you multilingual marketing campaigns right there. No need to configure the same campaign item twice if you want to target different languages, just add the relevant multilingual properties and you’re done!