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Ucommerce on sitecore Cli tool

In this article we'll detail how to install or upgrade your Ucommerce for Sitecore with our new Cli tool.

Before you begin

Before you begin we recommend that you at least: - Have a sitecore installation up and running. - Know where your sitecore installation is located in the file system. - Know your connection string to the database you wish to use.

Quick start

First off we need the Ucommerce.Sitecore package, it can be downloaded here. The Cli tool comes as part of this package. You can get started by uznipping the package -> open a powershell tool -> navigate to the package -> type ./uccli --help. From here on out you can use the commands by typing ./uccli <command>

Once you have this in place, these commands are available to you:

Command Description
install Installs Ucommerce.
upgrade Upgrades Ucommerce.
db Upgrades the database specifically, can be useful for certain upgrade scenarios.