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Activating a license

Getting a license

When your site is ready to go live and sell a bunch of goodies, you need to activate your license whether you are running on a Free, Pro or an Enterprise license. To do so you must first apply for the license through

Staging sites without the developer banner

Please note that if you have a staging site and you want to activate it, you can follow this guide to get rid of the developer banner without activating the license:

Staging sites without the developer banner

Activating the license for a live site.

To activate your license you need to:

  • Delete any old .key AND .lic file from the root of the site
  • Insert the new .key file in the root of the site
  • Restart the application pool and make a first request to the website. A valid license will generate a .lic file in the sites root folder.

When you do the first request the license will be evaluated. Licenses can be activated up to three times on different servers, but should only be used for the site that the license is bought for.

The developer banner won't disappear

If you have followed the guide above and the banner won’t disappear, please take a look at the log files for any indication what might have caused the issue. Typically the license is overactivated.

Having the information please contact [email protected] and they will be able to help you out.

Testing if the functionality used is covered by the license

If you are using either a Free or a Pro license, it could be useful to check, if the solution uses functionality not covered by the license, before deploying it. From version 6.7.3 and later, it is possible to do just that. Simply put your license file in the root of your development site. If the license file is present, it will be activated and the limitations verified.