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With Ucommerce, you can integrate ecommerce functionality into your application. You need to connect your users through our platform by using our connect flow. In this section, we describe the scopes you can request and what functionality is enabled by them.

You can request one or more of the scopes listed below in the query parameter scope when using the connect flow.

Scope Functionality Description
transactions:custom:price Custom Price Full access to add or update a custom price or tax for an order line.

You can set one or more scopes when requesting to connect an end user. For example, setting transaction:custom:price will enable an end user to add an order line to a basket with a custom price.

        curl -D- -G \
            -d client_id=<CLIENT_ID> \
            -d redirect_uri=<REDIRECT_URL> \
            -d scope="transactions:custom:price" \
            -d response_type=code