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Configure a Ucommerce picker as a property editor

With the integration for Umbraco7 comes the ability to configure a Ucommerce picker as a property editor that allows you to pick a catalog item on your items in Umbraco.


Creating the data type

All that is required to do is to create a new data type in Umbraco and start using it for your generic properties on your document type. Data types can be created under the developer section in Umbraco. Right click the data types folder and click create. There's a few configuration option you need to consider that are elaborated below.


The property editor field should be "Ucommerce picker", that will enable the Ucommerce tre. Besides that it will give you two new options you need to select:

  • Selector
    • Defines what node types that will be selectable. Right now they are limited to Stores, catalogs, categories, products, or variants.
  • Tree
    • Determines what section of the tree that will be shown. Right now its limited to the catalog section with and without products.