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Upgrading Ucommerce to version 9

If you're running a version 8 or below on Ucommerce for Sitecore and want to upgrade to version 9, there's a single manual step involved being able to install. If the installation is started without these, it will fail and leave the site in a faulty state.

The following MUST but done PRIOR to applying the new version.

  • Navigate to /App_Config/Include under your website
  • Delete the following files:
    • Sitecoe.uCommerce.Databases.config
    • Sitecore.uCommerce.Dataproviders.config
    • Sitecore.uCommerce.Events.config
    • Sitecore.uCommerce.initialize.config
    • Sitecore.uCommerce.Pipelines.ModifyPipelines.config

After these files have been disabled or removed, the package can be installed.