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One of the common issues with discounts is that customers are never told about them thus a discount does not work its full effect. Basically the customer is only made aware of the discount once they actually trigger it, which is akin to throwing marketing dollars out the window as the customer was likely to buy anyway.

That’s why we built each campaign item in Ucommerce to include the “Advertise” component so marketers actively have to decide whether to advertise or not; at the end of the day why wouldn’t you?

When doing advertisements in Ucommerce you will select a number of targets, which are to be satisfied in order for the campaign item to be displayed. You can think of them in terms of, “Customer is viewing this category”, “Customer is viewing this page”, “Customer is in this particular store or catalog”.

If multiple targets are configured in the “Advertise” section the campaign item will be displayed if any of the targets are satisfied.

Once a campaign item is targeted for the current customer its contents can be displayed, which includes rich text, video, HTML, and even the actual targets and awards inside the campaign item. What this boils down to is that you can display banners, which feature video, sound, or HTML content and you can take this a step further by actually telling the customer what she needs to do in order to receive a particular discount.


Say you have a campaign item set up called “Free shipping for orders over 400€”. The intent is clear enough, but what if you could actually tell the customer how close she is to get that discount? It just so happens that you can.

Using the information produced by Marketing Foundation you can tell the customer exactly what she must do to trigger the discount.

Say she’s got items in the cart with a total value of 350€. You’d pop up a message telling her that by buying for 50€ more she’d get free shipping; oh and by the way here are some products which 50€ or more making it easy for the customer to take the action we want her to.