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Sitecore Commerce Connect

In these articles you'll find information about Commerce Connect.

Supported versions

Ucommerce supports Commerce Connect 8.2.273 and forward.

Supported APIs

The Commerce Connect integration give you the ability to choose to use either the Ucommerce APIs or the Commerce Connect API's and still get the same experience in the backoffice.

The following Commerce Connect APIs are fully supported by Ucommerce and ensures that you will keep all the features and functionality in the Ucommerce Backoffice.

  • Carts.CreateOrResumeCart
  • Carts.AddCartLines
  • Carts.RemoveCartLines
  • Carts.UpdateCartLines
  • Carts.SaveCart
  • Carts.GetCarts
  • Carts.LoadCart
  • Carts.AddShippingInfo
  • Carts.RemoveShippingInfo
  • Carts.AddParties
  • Carts.UpdateParties
  • Carts.RemoveParties
  • Carts.AddPaymentInfo
  • Carts.RemovePaymentInfo
  • Shipping.GetShippingOptions
  • Shipping.GetShippingMethods
  • Shipping.GetShippingMethod
  • Shipping.GetPricesForShipments
  • Payments.GetPaymentMethods
  • Payments.GetPaymentOptions
  • Payments.GetPricesForPayments
  • Payments.GetPaymentServiceUrl
  • Payments.GetPaymentServiceActionResult
  • Orders.SubmitVisitorOrder