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Access RavenDB Management Studio

When you install Ucommerce on your website, you also get an embedded RavenDB database, which Ucommerce uses for faceted search. This also means that you can get the benefits of a document database without having to set it up yourself. In this article, you will learn how you can gain access to the Management Studio RavenDB comes with. You can get an overview of RavenDB Studio and which features it offers here.

The AppPool of the website needs to run as Local System, a Windows Administrator or a member of the Windows Administrator Group.

Before you can visit the studio, you need to create the document database if you haven’t already created one. You can create it by run the scratch indexer from Settings->Search in the Ucommerce back office.

Now you should be able to visit the RavenDB studio for your site by using the server url (e.g. http://localhost:1337/).


With the OOTB configuration that Ucommerce ships with, anonymous user is not allowed access and you will therefore get this screen.


You can log in by using your server authentication here. However, you can also change the anonymousUserAccessMode or use an API key.

Anonymous User Access Mode

You can change the OOTB setting for RavenDB by creating a new component like the one shown below.

    		<component id="SearchSessionProvider"
    				service="UCommerce.RavenDB25.Search.IRavenDbStoreProvider, UCommerce.RavenDB25"
    				type="UCommerce.RavenDB25.Search.RavenDbStoreProvider, UCommerce.RavenDB25">

For Raven 3.0 the namespace is "UCommerce.RavenDB30"

You can read more about component in this article.

The anonymousUserAccessMode paramenter sets the level of access that you want the studio to run with.

  • None - allows access only to authenticated users
  • Get - Anonymous uses can read only
  • All - Anonymous uses can read & write
  • Admin - Anonymous uses can everything (including administrative actions).

The ravenDatabasePath is the place where the document store will be stored on you server.


If you want to use a API key as authentication, you must add #api-key= hash tag e.g. http://localhost:8080/studio/index.html#api-key=key\ThisIsMySecret

If you do not want to provide API Key in the URL, you can add #has-api-key, so the Studio will open up a dialog where you can enter your key, before any Studio-Server communication.

You can create an API key by go to Settings in the RavenDB management studio and press New API Key:


You can read more about the RavenDB Management Studio here, where you can get help to use the Studio.