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Available Kentico Web Parts

You will find many Ucommerce web parts in the Kentico Accelerator. Please use them as inspiration for creating your own web parts.

Web Part Description
Basket content Basket preview shows an overview of the basket with the option to update the quantity and remove orderlines. Configuration options include: show order line number, show order line price, show order line VAT, show order line quantity, Show order subtotal, show order VAT, show order discount, show order shipping price, show order payment fee, and editable configuration to disable removing order lines and changing quantity.
Category navigation Show all categories and subcategories in a hierarchical structure. No configuration options.
Mini basket Small overview with the total price and amount of products in customer's basket. Configuration options include: show basket total, show the quantity of products, Icon color, and text color.
Payment picker Radio button selection of available payment methods. Configuration options include: Show only payment methods for current country.
Shipping option selection Radio button selection of available shipping methods. Configuration options include: Show only shipping methods for current country.
Search bar Search bar which takes the user to the search result page and shows the products that are hit by the search. Configuration options include placeholder text.
Voucher Used to add text-based voucher codes and apply them to the customer's current basket. No configuration options.
Product data source Data source web part that returns products based on the current category. Used to populate the category pages with products.
Promoted products data source Returns the products based on the ShowOnHomepage product property. Used to populate the Homepage Promoted Products section.
Order lines data source Returns the order lines from a current Ucommerce basket in the Basket page.

Alternatively, you can use the OOTB Ucommerce macros to create your own web parts in Portal Engine or even create your own macros.