Ucommerce includes full API reference documentation and lots of helpful articles to help you build your e-commerce site as effortlessly as possible.

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Technical overview

Extensible and Customizable Platform

Ucommerce becomes the clients business because it can be extended and customized easily. The client does not need to shape their business to meet the system as with most other Commerce platforms. Pretty much everything in Ucommerce is build with a framework first approach, and all code is build using the SOLID principles. This ensures that almost everything is replaceable, extensible and customizable. Things you can do easily:

  • Need get the live inventory number from ERP on checkout? add a custom Task to the BasketPipeline.
  • If you dont like the default URL handling? you can just replace it.
  • Need to hotfix something? just relace the component with the fixed version.
  • Need to give gold customers a special discount? add a new MarketingTarget.
  • Need to import products into Ucommerce from an ERP? Ucommerce has APIs for all entities that can easily be used.
  • Want to add U.S tax calculation? Just add an App from a 3rd party provider and you are good to go.

The true value of Ucommerce is not what is delivered out-of-the-box, but how easily you can change anything to fit the business requirements.