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Get Your App Approved for the App Market

Apps are of course not only for you! If you want to take your extension a step further, you can have it uploaded to our app market to share with the community. However Apps on the app market need to meet a certain quality before approved. To ensure this we have a set of steps that we at Ucommerce will go through to test and verify that everything follows the rules. These are called curation steps, and we do this for all apps every time a new app is uploaded or revisioned to a newer version. In this article you will learn what the steps needed are, and how you can make sure they are met.

What your app consists of

When packaging your app to have it uploaded, it will contain a list of files needed for it to work properly. This includes:

  • The file itself which will be in the format of a Nuget package with the extension: '*.nupkg'
  • A '.nuspec' in the folder file which is the general description in the format of a NuGet manifest file.
  • A folder with Documentation that can be read directly in the platform or on the Market
  • The app itself including any assemblies, css files, javascript files and images

The List of Curation Steps

Requirements for the App uploaded on App Market

  • No offensive Names may be used in the App.
  • The name of the app may not include the name "Ucommerce"
  • No offensive logo
  • Logo may not be your company logo
  • Logo of minimum 500x500 px
  • 1 screenshot of the app functionality as a minimum
  • Description
  • Changelog of fixes, and new features

Requirements for the Content of the nupkg File

  • File type must be *.nupkg
  • A nuspec file must be included
  • Documentation as shown in the Sample App
  • You may not ship any Ucommerce assemblies or any references that Ucommerce already has.

Content of the Nuspec File

  • All supported properties for a nuspec file must be set. This includes:
    • Tags
    • Changelog
    • Description
    • Logo - Same logo as uploaded on Market
    • Name - Same name as the app data on market
    • Nuget dependency on either Ucommerce, or uConnector
    • Nuget dependency version on either Ucommerce or uConnector needs to be a valid version from NuGet and never exceed currently released version.

Compatibility Across CMSes

  • Your app must work across Sitecore 7 + 8 and Umbraco 7

Technical Requirements

  • You may not have any dependencies on the CMS - only through the Abstractions created in Ucommerce.
    • If you have any assembly reference for either Sitecore or Umbraco, your app will not be approved.
  • Ids of castle windsor components need to be prefixed with the name of the app to avoid clashes. (e.g MyApp.MyAwesomeComponent)
  • Your app may never live in the root of the content tree (e.g next to stores, orders, marketing etc.)
    • It is OK for apps to plug in to the existing nodes (e.g. the About app adds an about node to settings.)
    • If you are unsure where it belongs you can use the Apps node which will appear once there's at least one app that hooks in.

Got any questions?

If you are unsure how to solve any of the requirements you're more than welcome to reach out to us. Send an email to [email protected] and we will be able to provide you with assistance.