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With Elastic, you can greatly scale the catalogs APIs of Ucommerce to multiple instances. These instances can be hosted on multiple data centers to ensure performance for any customers regardless of their location.

Additionally, indexing with Elastic is orders of magnitude faster than it is with Lucene. In many cases where indexing currently takes hours, it will be reduced to minutes.

When to use it

We would recommend using elastic for solutions that have more than 100,000 SKUs or when your solution requires a multi-server approach.

Search functionality differences with Elastic

Raw queries

In Elastic there are two types of raw queries which could be used, Nest and JSON. Faceted search however supports only JSON. Nest queries still can be used, however the facets can’t be built automatically, meaning they have to be specified as a part of the Nest query.

In Elastic faceted range search differs in inclusivity. Lucene takes both values from and to as inclusive (<= || >=) whereas Elastic has from inclusive and to exclusive.