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Handling failures

All successful requests to the API return a HTTP 200 or 201. In case of errors, the API returns a JSON response containing the error code and details about the error:

      "errors": [
          "error-description": "Price Group is cannot be null or empty",
          "error": "Price group must contain a id"

The format of the error description varies between error codes.

The following combinations of error codes are returned from the API:

HTTP Description How to handle
400 Invalid input provided. See details. Check that the input sent is correct.
401 Provided incorrect Client ID and/or Client Secret in HTTP header or Access Token invalid
403 The authentication token does not have access to this endpoint.
404 A resource with the supplied id was not found on the current store. Try with an existing resource
500 Unknown error in the API. Not retryable
504 Gateway time out Call can be retried.