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Converting basket to order

In order to convert basket to order the following properties should be provided on the request body:

  • BasketId
  • PaymentMethodId
  • PriceGroupId
  • CultureCode

An example could be:

        curl -D- -X POST \
            -H 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' 
            -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
            -d '{
                    "basketId": "afd095a8-6215-4daf-a813-60f27f01c7b7",
                    "paymentMethodId": "ede4ebf7-f70d-4623-b58b-22a38be803b9",
                    "priceGroupId": "878b0ff1-0800-40ac-b006-0e9858f234a5",
                    "cultureCode": "en-US"

If you get a successful response, the newly created paymentId and paymentUrl will be returned back to you. You have to follow the paymentUrl and walk through the payment flow.


      "paymentId": "string",
      "paymentUrl": "string"

Possible errors that may occur:

Error Description
BadRequest (400) Execution of the pipeline fails; Billing address is missing from the order; Basket does not below to Store; etc.
Unauthorized (401) The token expires
Forbidden (403) The token does not have access to this endpoint


        "errors": [
                "error-description": "Billing address is missing from the order.",
                "error": "BadRequest"

See Handling failures for more info.