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A promotion contains the criteria that will trigger the promotion and discounts of that promotion. Multiple criteria can be added and work together in order to qualify the customer to get discounts associated with the promotion.

On the promotion you can control whatever the promotion should be Published, which activates it in the campaign. By unpublishing the promotion you can for example ensure that the promotion should no longer be evaluated as part of a campaign and not trigger any discounts for the customer.

“Allow following promotions to be combined with this one” can be used to ensure and control if the Marketing service should continue evaluating promotions if this is triggering an discount. This can be done because the Marketing service is evaluating the Campaign and Promotion sequentially, which is ordered by their prioritization. You can manage the prioritization by drag-and-dropping campaigns and promotions directly in the back-office underneath the Marketing Foundation. Read how to setup multiple discounts per order here

As a rule of thumb, you can use these guidelines to prioritize your campaigns and promotions.

  • Highest

    • Promotions that always are available and are allowed to be combined with other discounts. An example of this could be a "Free shipping if you purchase for more than x amount" scenario.
  • Middle

    • Promotions that don't allow the combination with any others than the ones in the above scenario. An example of this could be a "20% discount on the outlet category".
  • Lowest

    • Promotions that it would fall back to if not any others have been granted and are allowed to be combined. An example of this could be a "Free Tie for specific Shirt".

A promotion is assigned a “definition” when it’s created. The definition determines additional content that the marketer can add to the promotion.


The basic concept of the definition is the same for promotions as for products although a promotion definition does not deal with variants.

Because the promotions are configured using definitions you can add your own properties and multilingual properties effectively giving you multilingual marketing campaigns right there.

You don´t need to configure the same campaign item twice if you want to target different languages, just add the relevant multilingual properties and you’re done!