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Postman is a great tool for exploring and testing RESTful APIs without clients having to communicate with it. We love it and hope you will as well.

We made a small Postman collection and an Environment, so you can start exploring every tiny detail.

Running the collection

  1. Click the Run in Postman. It’ll guide you through setting up Postman and import the collection.
  2. The collection should be imported into Postman now. You can verify this by clicking on Collections in Postman and checking whether you have a collection named Ucommerce Headless. If it’s not there, try importing it again while running Postman beforehand. We’ve noticed that sometimes it might not be imported if Postman was closed before. But hey, nobody’s perfect.
  3. Update the environment with your setting. To do that, open the environment quick look (the button with the eye icon next to environment drop-down).