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The second part of a promotion is the Discount, i.e. the award the customer gets. The discount is completely separate from the rest of the promotion and thus can be reused for many different types of discounts, e.g. “Buy for more than 400€ and get free shipping ”could also be “Enter this promo code and get free shipping”. The only difference is that the “Buy for more than 400€” criteria is substituted with “Enter this promo code”. The award remains the same.


Types of awards include “Get amount of unit price”, “Get amount off order total”, “Get amount off order lines total”, “Get percentage off shipping”. Discounts can be combined like criteria and effectively gives you an award for each of the discount configured.

It’s important to distinguish between order discounts and order line discounts. The difference is that order level discounts are typically applied only once per order, e.g. “Get amount off order total” will only add a single discount to the order as you’d expect.

Order line discounts on the other hand can involve multiple order lines as in the case of the bundle or kit. Here two or more order lines are involved in the discount thus each of lines will have the order line discount applied, e.g. “Get 10% off unit price” will produce two discounts; one for each order line satisfied by the Act section.