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Tree nodeTypes

This is a list of the default tree nodes and the nodeType.

All default nodeTypes are constant fields located in UCommerce.Constants.NodeType.

TreeNode NodeType
Stores catalog
Store productCatalogGroup
Catalog productCatalog
Category category
Catalog search catalogSearch
Orders orders
Order Statuses orderGroup
Orders search ordersSearch
Marketing marketing
Marketing Campaign campaign
Marketing Campaign Item campaignItem
Analytics analytics
Analytics Products productanalytics
Analytics Orders orderanalytics
Apps apps
Settings settings
Catalog settingsCatalog
Price Groups settingsCatalogPriceGroups
Price Group settingsCatalogPriceGroup
Product Relations settingsCatalogProductRelations
Product Relation settingsCatalogProductRelation
Orders settingsOrders
Shipping Methods settingsOrdersShippingMethods
Shipping Method shippingMethod
Payment Methods settingsOrdersPaymentMethods
Payment Method paymentMethod
Countries settingsOrdersCountries
Country country
Currencies settingsOrdersCurrencies
Currency currency
Order Numbers settingsOrdersOrderNumbers
Order Number orderNumber
E-mail settingsEmail
Profiles settingsEmailProfiles
Profile settingsEmailProfile
Profile Type settingsEmailProfileType
Email Types settingsEmailTypes
Email Type settingsEmailType
Definitions settingsDefinitions
Product Definitions settingsDefinitionsProductDefinitions
Product Definition settingsDefinitionsProductDefinition
Product Definition Field settingsDefinitionsProductDefinitionField
Category/Campaign/Payment Definitions settingsDefinitionsDynamicDefinitions
Category/Campaign/Payment Definition settingsDefinitionsDynamicDefinition
Category/Campaign/Payment Definition Field settingsDefinitionsDynamicDefinitionField
Data Types settingsDefinitionsDataTypes
Data Type settingsDefinitionsDataType
Data Type Enum settingsDefinitionsDataTypeEnum
Security settingsSecurity
Users settingsSecurityUserGroups
User settingsSecurityUser
Groups settingsSecurityUsers
Group settingsSecurityUserGroup
Search settingsSearch
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