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Installing the Ucommerce for Sitefinity Module

There's a know issue in the installation of the Ucommerce NuGet package for Sitefinity. In some cases the Ucommerce module fails to add the menu items to Sitefinity.

If you do not have the menu item as shown in the image below after installing the package through NuGet, you can very easily fix this.


All you have to do is go to "Administration" -> "Modules and services" and click "install module"


When clicking "install module" you will be presented with a modal dialog.


In the "Name" textbox you need to type in "Ucommerce"

In the "Type" textbox you need to type in "UCommerce.Sitefinity.Module.UcommerceModule, UCommerce.Sitefinity"

Just click save and now the menu item should appear after the site has restarted.

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