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Upgrading Kentico by a major version

This article describes what is required for Ucommerce to work when upgrading an existing Kentico installation by a major version.


Sometimes the version of Ucommerce installed in a Kentico environment will simply be compatible with the next major version of Kentico but sometimes there are breaking changes we have to accommodate for.

In order to prevent having separate installation packages for different major versions of Kentico, compatibility patches are shipped as Ucommerce Apps, utilizing the power of the App Framework.

Installing Ucommerce on a later version of Kentico

Installing Ucommerce on a later version of Kentico is as straightforward as it has always been. The installation through NuGet will detect the version of Kentico that it is being installed on, and automatically enable the required compatibility app.

No manual steps are required. The only requirement is that Ucommerce supports the version of Kentico, which can be seen as part of our System Requirements.

Upgrading Kentico by a major version

If you are upgrading your Kentico installation to a later major version, while keeping Ucommerce at the same version there is one simple manual step that you need to perform which should be recognizable if you are familiar with the Ucommerce App Framework.

In this case, it is necessary to manually enable the compatibility app that matches the major version of the Kentico installation:

  • Navigate to the websiteRoot/CMSModules/Ucommerce/Apps/ folder.
  • Find the folder called KenticoXCompatibility.disabled where X is the major version number of Kentico.
  • Remove the ".disabled" extension from the end of folder's name.
  • Restart your application.

After these steps, Ucommerce is ready to be used with the new version.