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Installing Ucommerce on Sitefinity 13

In this article you will learn how to install Ucommerce on top of Sitefinity 13.0, based on your Sitefinity installation.

Two ways of setting up a Sitefinity project with Ucommerce

  • In case you installed Sitefinity 13 via NuGet, installing and running Ucommerce will go smooth.
  • In case you installed Sitefinity 13 via Project Manager, you will have to do a manual step - right after Ucommerce.Sitefinity package has been installed, please install Newtonsoft.Json v12.0.3 NuGet package and build the project before running it.

Why do I need to do a manual step after installing the NuGet package?

In order for the Ucommerce.Sitefinity package to be compatible with Sitefinity 11, 12, and 13, we had to rely on NuGet to resolve the dependencies.

  • Sitefinity 13.0 introduced Newtonsoft.Json v12.0.3.
  • Sitefinity 11 and 12 target Newtonsoft.Json v10.

Project Manager based solutions ship their dependencies embedded so NuGet itself has no chance of figuring out that Newtonsoft.Json v12 is already present, therefore it results in v10.