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Ucommerce for Kentico Overview

Ucommerce for Kentico is a complete replacement for Kentico Commerce. Ucommerce adds additional capabilities beyond what Kentico Commerce provides for managing larger e-commerce set ups and multi store scenarios as well as a richer e-commerce capabiltiies.

Ucommerce for Kentico supplies two primary tools you can leverage when developing onlines stores on Kentico: * Core NuGet package, which adds Ucommerce libraries to your Kentico project and gives you access to Ucommerce functionality. * Accelerator, a complete reference Kentico e-commerce website.

Core NuGet Package

In order to install Ucommerce for Kentico all you need to do is install the Ucommerce for Kentico NuGet package in your Kentico solution in Visual Studio. Building and launching your site will trigger the installation of the Ucommerce module in your Kentico instance. Along with having the relevant APIs in your Visual Studio solution, the core package also comes with:

  • Ucommerce specific macros.
  • 3 OOTB Macro rules.
  • Integration with "Product Purchased", "Purchase" and "Abandoned Cart" activities in Kentico.
  • Contact management integration from Kentico EMS and activity logging.


The Accelerator is a complete Kentico solution we developed using Ucommerce for Kentico. It is meant to serve as an example of good practice and to showcase the most common Ucommerce APIs. It is our hope that this project can be used as inspiration for your projects. But it is more than a simple demo store, as many people have used it to significantly shorten the development time of their projects. The Accelerator serves as an example of good practice for both the CMS and Ucommerce. The Kentico Accelerator is implemented using Kentico Portal Engine and webparts. You can download the accelerator from BitBucket and also contribute to it.

Using the Accelerator

The Ucommerce Accelerator is independent from the Ucommerce platform package and is not required to develop a new e-commerce website on Kentico if you want to start your project from scratch. You can of course always use it as a source of inspiration. For setup instructions, you can check out the installation guide of the accelerator.