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Add To Basket

The AddToBasket method is used for adding products to the current customers basket.


    var currentProduct = Ucommerce.Infrastructure.ObjectFactory.Instance.Resolve<Ucommerce.Api.ICatalogContext>().CurrentProduct;
    var transactionLibrary = Ucommerce.Infrastructure.ObjectFactory.Instance.Resolve<Ucommerce.Api.ITransactionLibrary>();
    transactionLibrary.AddToBasket(quantity: 1, currentProduct.Sku);


Parameter Type Details Required
quantity int The quantity of the product in the basket. Yes
sku string The product SKU, this is how you specify which product from the catalog you want to add. Yes
variantSku string The variant SKU. If your product has variants you need to specify a VariantSku. Optional
unitPrice decimal? The unit price to be used for the orderline if the list price should not be used. Optional
priceGroup PriceGroup The price group to use to find the list price and vat rate. Optional
addToExistingLine bool If set to true, the quantity is updated if the same product is already added to the basket. Otherwise a new orderline is created. Optional
executeBasketPipeline bool If set to true, the basket pipeline will be executed, which will trigger all the basket pipeline tasks in the Baskets.Basket.config configuration file. Optional
parameters IDictionary<string, object> A list of properties passed to the AddToBasketPipeline. Optional

Execute Basket Pipeline

The ExecuteBasketPipeline method is used for executing the basket pipeline, and all the basket pipeline tasks defined in Pipelines/Baskets.Basket.config

The pipeline tasks are responsible for things like calculating order totals, and applying discounts.



Get Basket

The GetBasket method is used for retrieving the basket for the current customer.

GetBasket throws an ArgumentException if no basket exists.


    Ucommerce.EntitiesV2.PurchaseOrder basket = transactionLibrary.GetBasket();


Parameter Type Details
create bool Optional. If set to true it will create a new basket, if one does not already exist.

You typically only want create set to True during checkout to prevent visitors getting a basket in case they aren't adding anything to their cart. Otherwise your database can quickly fill up with void baskets (from google bots etc.)

Has Basket

The HasBasket method is used for determining if the current customer has an active basket.


    bool hasBasket = transactionLibrary.HasBasket();

Update Line Item

The UpdateLineItem method is used for updating the quantity of a specific order line item.


    transactionLibrary.UpdateLineItemByOrderLineId(orderLineId: 1, 2);


Parameter Type Details
orderLineId int The id of the order line to update.
newQuantity int The new quantity of the order line.